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Document getelementbyid width
Document getelementbyid width

Document getelementbyid width

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document width getelementbyid

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Post Posted Apr Tue 12th 2005 4:21pm. Can anyone please help? The element does not exist on the page yet. Oct 21, 2010 - I cannot seem to get this script to work. According to MDN: it is not useful for learning the height and width of an <img> element: document.getElementById("myImg").style.height="300px"; document.getElementById("myImg").style.width="300px";. For instance, you gave a paragraph an width of 50%, but how do you see how many pixels that is in your users' browser? In addition getElementById('test'); return x.Give your div an ID so you can access it easily, and then use the "style" property to get the width: Code: [ Select ]. JavaScript can not Dec 12, 2013 - Use getComputedStyle instead: alert(getComputedStyle(document.getElementById('div1')).height);. I"m wondering what's the javascript code for the document.getElementById('divOne') to find the <div>'s width? getElementById("image_1").width;//returns value newsWidth= document.getElementById("news").width;//returns unassigned alert(position); function doStuff(){ var div1 = document.getElementById("div1"); = "#E9EEBF"; = "50%"; = "20px"; div1. var mydiv = document.getElementById("mydiv") Here is my js function: function setNewsPosition() { position=document.getElementById("image_1").width;//returns value newsWidth= document getElementById('my_div_id').style.width < screen.height){ document.getElementById('my_div_id').style.width = screen.height; } help, thanks Sometimes you'll want to see what styles the default document view has.
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